Basic 101 Makeup Application with Contouring & Highlighting Effect

An easy, fun & fast makeup application you can do in under 5 minutes.


Ellie Malmin – Mother of Beauty – February 3, 2015

This basic 101 makeup application with contouring and highlighting effects is an easy, fun, & fast makeup application. You’ll be able to accomplish a polished look to get out the door or have your client looking their best in less than five minutes! To supplement the E-Book, I also have provided a step-by-step video tutorial on the link you’ll receive.

The whole process takes a little longer than five minutes & may for you as well… at first. But be assured that after you complete the process a few times on yourself at home it will take you less than five minutes in subsequent applications to accomplish this beautiful look.

You will need 2 colors of CINEMA SECRETS Foundation; one that matches your skin tone and another that is slightly darker. With this duo you will add all over color & contouring effects to your cheek forehead & nose. Next you’ll use the TOUCHE ÉCLAT highlighting pen from Yves Saint Laurent to add light around your eyes and mouth.

A little MAC nude color Paint Pot is great for the all over eye lid base color. Also, a matte brown pallet of eye shadow will have just the color you need to add that contour effect in the crease of you eyelids. A simple an inexpensive Dollar Store blush is all you need to achieve that sun-kissed skin effect. Frame those eyes with MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Eyes black gel liner. I have a personal tip on the tutorial & in my E-Book on the same topic about eyeliner application. Next we’ll use 2 powders, one that is translucent from MAC Cosmetics and another by KETT Cosmetics that is a lose-no-color powder. These two will help you top off the highlighted areas & polish off the entire face. We have not forgotten what’s on your lips when we use my personal favorite, Revlon ColorStay Lipstick. It is kissable, non-drying & isn’t going to come off for at least 12 hours or until you remove it. Last but never least you’ll need makeup sponges & brushes to put all of this on.

Make sure to read the free E-Book that covers all 10 steps. Along with the E-Book, you’ll find the video tutorial which shows me complete the process.


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