Sleek Brows before_after copySleek Brows 2 Day Class $1800

  • Two day Training
  • Kit included

Sleek brows covers several acknowledged eyebrow grooming steps such as tinting, threading, tweezing and creating perfect eyebrow shape alongside completely new concepts of brow building and sculpting, to improve and emphasize desired brows. This involves an intricate procedure of adding natural-like hair to clients’ existing brows to create fullness and more definition. For those less fortunate who have no brows at all or whose eyebrows are missing in places Sleek Brows has developed a unique sculpting technique that can be used directly on the skin to imitate hair strokes.
The treatment will benefit those who already have naturally good eyebrows but would like to work on fullness and definition as well as those who need a complete reconstruction due to partial or total brow loss.
Latest Innovation Waterproof, smudgeproof eyebrows for weeks…
No make-up involved! No pencils, stencils, powders or fibers
Suitable for those with good eyebrows or no eyebrows at all!
Lasting on average 2 – 3 weeks!