Consider Looking Beyond the Beauty of Lush Lashes to Prevent Eyelash Adhesive Damage

Ellie Explains How to Address and Prevent Eyelash Adhesive Damage

As a resident and business owner who specializes in lush eyelashes, eyelash adhesives, and beauty, I have quite a few clients who come to me for the winter that spend their summers up North. One particular dear client of mine had me do Volume 2D and Volume 3D .07 volume lashes and the lengths were .08, .09, and .10 C curl.

She returned for the season with what appeared to be a .02 diameter C curl with .10, .11, .12, and .13 in length, which is very lush. I explained to her that, while they look pretty, they are too heavy for her natural lash. I asked when they were put on, and she claims 2 weeks ago. They were touching her skin. I suggested a removal because I was concerned of too much weight on her natural lash, too much adhesive, and that they were too close to her skin. But she loved how long and full they were. I suggested that she do a fill with .07 in diameter using 2D volume and a sensitive adhesive, so we did… and after cleaning there was nowhere to really fill, so I did not do a fill.

After 5 days she called me and said that the lashes were really bothering her. I reminded her that the lashes were too close to her lash line, and naturally I was not surprised when I cleaned and moved the lashes around, it caused irritation. I also recapped on the fact that if extensions look pretty it does not always mean they were applied correctly. Applying too close to the skin will cause the follicle to “choke”, and irritation results. Too much adhesive may make the lashes appear lush, but multiple lashes sticking together can cause lash damage, and too much weight on the natural lash causes damage as well.


Ellie Malmin - Eyebrow Extensions

It is mportant that the lashes are pulled back, as pictured, when removing lashes with adhesive remover. This prevents it from getting it into the eyes


Because the client’s lashes were so close to her base (and touching her skin) I rectified the problem by using a gel remover. By pulling the lashes backward, it enabled me to remove the adhesive so it did not get in her eye. My conclusion: look beyond the beauty of the lash and prevent eyelash adhesive damage!

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