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The most crucial factor in getting the most striking eyebrows is the shape of your face.

We’ll walk you through how to get this done right after some basic eyebrow facts…

Eyebrow Fundamentals

Most eyebrows are 1 7/8” to 2 3/8” long. This is about 6 cm.

Eyebrows have 3 main parts:

  • Head: Inner part below orbital margin. Hairs grow vertically at a slanted angle
  • Body: Central portion which is widest and bushiest with hairs angled and horizontal
  • Tail: Narrowest outer segment above orbital margin. Slopes downward

How about the arch? This is the highest part of the eyebrow usually between the outer third or quarter of your eyebrow.

Hairs come from the root which is comprised of blood along with protein and cells. As blood makes more cells, the hair is fed by blood vessels and so continues to grow.

If your eyebrows are a little sparse, try some growth serum. These serums promote better circulation and boost blood flow. Biotin vitamins also work well.


Now for that all-important eyebrow advice.

Face Facts…

Which of these shapes best describes your face?

  • Diamond: Short forehead, angular features, widest at temple
  • Heart: Pointed chin with wider forehead
  • Oblong: Forehead, cheekbones and jawline similar width
  • Oval: Forehead wider than chin, defined cheekbones
  • Round: Widest across the cheeks
  • Square: Square jawline same width as cheekbones and forehead

Different face shapes require different eyebrow designs. Get this nailed down and it’s half the battle won.

So, what eyebrow shapes make the smartest choice for these face shapes?


With a diamond face, you want curved eyebrows. This helps to make a wider face look slimmer. Where an angular eyebrow would overemphasize already strong cheekbones, an arched brow restores balance.


If you’ve got a heart-shaped face, shoot for rounded eyebrows. Don’t overdo the arches, either. To soften up a more pointed chin on a longer heart-shaped face, a low arch works well. Sharp arches suit shorter heart faces. Keep the width looking as natural as possible.


With long face shapes like this, your aim is to shorten the appearance while also rounding the face out. Stick with flat eyebrows to accomplish these goals while adding the appearance of width. Keep the arches low and avoid definite arches.


If you have an oval face with sharp, defined features, steer clear of overly dramatic eyebrow shapes in favor of soft, angled brows. Keep things nice and simple and add a little dimension with a very slight arch.


To elongate the appearance of a round face, opt for angular eyebrows and high arches. Sidestep rounded eyebrows and keep the lines straight for best results.


For square faces, angled or curved eyebrows both serve to balance the stronger jawline on a square face. Keep the arch right above the jawline and make sure the eyebrows stay pretty thin. This gives a softer look.

Current Eyebrow Trends

Don’t hold back with your eyebrows.

Angular, boxy brows are becoming increasingly popular so don’t be afraid of making a real statement. First impressions count so grab people’s attention with some really bold eyebrows.

Accent these prominent shapes further with some subtle highlighting above and below. An ombré style going from light to dark is a great way to achieve this.


If you want perfect eyebrows, what services are up for grabs?

Coloring: Regular eyebrow tint or henna can deliver an effective, temporary shot of color. Tint drops some color in the hair cuticle while henna acts as an impermanent stain

Semi-Permanent Coloring: With microblading, a sharp blade etches semi-permanent strokes of color directly onto your skin

Permanent Coloring: If you want to make things more permanent, we’ve got that covered with various make-up options

Stencils: Fancy the DIY route? Get some customized stencils and take care of business from the comfort of home

Accessories include liquid hair fibers, eyebrow fibers, filler and a range of semi-permanent liners.

We’ve also got plenty of pencils and an array of liquids so all bases are covered.

What are you waiting for?