Eyelash Hygiene Safety Beyond What One Sees

Getting Technical on Eyelash Extensions Hygiene

Whats lurking in your clients’ eyelashes? Is it Demodex Folliculorum (dust mites) that can lay eggs up to 25 in a single follicle which can result in a loss of eyelashes? Or does she have bepharitis, an inflammation of the eyelid caused by bacteria or excess sebum production? There are two types of bepharitis anterior bepharitis which effects the eyelid margins and posterior bepharitis effects the inner eyelid and the oil producing meibomian gland. There are many conditions that can occur in the lash line such as sty’s, a tender sore red bump on the eyelid caused by an infected hair follicle. Why is the important to a Esthetician or a Lashologist™ to properly cleanse the lashes? With proper eyelash hygiene we can help control and prevent these conditions.

Estheticians know the value cleansing the skin and skin care treatment. Estheticians would never think of putting on a facial serum on top of makeup. How many of our clients never remove their eye makeup at night? With lash services within the beauty business growing leaps and bounds, everyone is experimenting and trying new mascara, false eyelashes, spending hundreds of dollars on grow serums over the counter, and also seeking prescriptions. How can anything look good or work on dirty lashes? Set yourself apart from others; teach your client proper eyelash hygiene and its importance. Increase your revenue by offering the service of Eyelash Shampooing. This benefits your clients are many. Their eyes will feel clean and refreshed, and even lighter, and their lashes will look healthier. Your lash enhancements, whether its eyelash extensions perming, tinting, false lashes or strips, or semi permanent mascara will all have better lasting results. Growth serums will be able to penetrate and work more effectively. Perfect before a makeup application.

Prior to starting a client profile, client consent should be filled out. It is also advisable to take before and after pictures. Your client will not only feel the difference but see the difference. Apply your gloves (use vinyl gloves if she is allergic to latex) and have your client remove her contact lenses. Take lint free applicators with Lashologist Choice Eyemakeup Remover, then take Lashologist eye lash shampoo or Lashologist choice all in one face wash and with eyes closed gently cleanse lashes, repeating until lint free applicator is free of any makeup. Rinse eyes with eye wash solution until they feel fresh and clean, which is usually 2 to 3 minutes for each eye. Then you can comb the lashes and dry them with an eye lashes dryer. Finish with an eyelash serum that has conditioners in it. This service is usually priced at $25.00 and takes 15 minutes, and the cost can be as little as .50 cents per service!

Eyelash Shampoo

Written by Ellie Malmin
This post was previously published by Ellie, and has been revised in conjunction with Ellie’s previous blog post, “Looking Beyond the Beauty of the Lash May Prevent Lash Damage”

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