Eyelash Extensions Classes

For Licensed Professionals

If you or your group are beauty professionals interested in learning how to provide world class services using only the latest and greatest techniques, you may view Ellie’s Eyelash Classes below or contact Ellie for further information on Eyelash Extension, Eyebrow Extension, & Makeup training and education.

Fantasy lashes
Small Starter Kit & Supplies Included - Additional Items Can Be Purchased
(4 hour hands on workshop)
Subjects taught:
Glitter embellishments
Rhinestone embellishments
Feather Lashes
Couture fantasy lashes
Classic Eyelash Extensions
Small Starter Kit & Supplies Included - Additional Items Can Be Purchased
1 Day class - 2hrs theory 6 hrs hands on
Subjects taught:
Eye Hygiene
Sanitation sterilization in working on the eyes
Eyelash conditions
Release forms
Client consolation
Art of design
Eyelash shampooing
Know about adhesives
Styles of lashes to chose from
Picking up extensions
Proper isolation
Proper application
Patching eyes properly
Doing patch test
Counter indication
Home care
Drills you can practice to help you improve
Volume Eye Lash Class
Small Starter Kit & Supplies Included - Additional Items Can Be Purchased
2 day equaling 12 hours Class 4 hours of theory 8 hours hands on
In order to take this Class you have to be doing Regular classic
extensions for a minimum of 2 years.
Russian Volume
American Volume
2D to 6D lashes
What suits your clients lashes
Kit Not Included
8 hours mixed theory and hands on
Subjects taught:
Drop -ins
Triple effect
Semi permanent mascara

All of these classes are only taught to licensed professionals. All participants must show proof of licenses and insurance. Models may or may not be provided. These classes taught are not brand specific and are designed for specific techniques and the usage of various brands for the individual to experience what they like to work with. Each participant will receive a certificate of completion. 50 percent deposit is required at time of booking for space is limited. Full payment is required one week prior to class. No refunds unless your space is resold.Feel free to CONTACT ELLIE for further information