Eyebrows: the NEW Talk of the Town

Eyebrow Extension History

I was doing eyebrow extensions in 2007, many years before eyebrow hair extensions and inlays were introduced to the market place. At that time I would tweeze hairs, take the hair I tweezed and glue them on the skin (with a skin safe latex adhesive) where my clients had no hair. Finally in recent years, eyebrow hair extensions have been introduced to the market.

Being a Lashologist, I can do anything with eyelash hair that a cosmetologist can do with hair on a person’s head. From classic extension to volume, tinting, perming, straightening, semi-permanent mascara, cluster, strips, triple effect, and fantasy lashes the options are extraordinary. All of these are created and idealized to the individual client’s wants, desires and needs. The effect brings out the eyes and even changes the eye’s shape. But the REAL eye-catching eye-definition is in the eyebrow design. Eyebrows frame the eyes and define the space of the eye on the face. They are a key identifying factor in facial recognition for humans from infants all the way up to adults.

eyebrows non-verbal communication Ellie MalminEyebrow Talk

We are born with eyebrows initially for eye protection. But they also create expression, and our brows are an expression of who we are as well. Eyebrows have a way of reflecting our age, even so they can reveal a more youthful appearance when they are manicured and maintained to suit the face. Did you know a groomed eyebrow has approximately 250 hairs whereas a non-groomed (virgin) eyebrow has 500? Also, the average eyebrow area measures approximately 1 7/8 to 2 3/4 inches in length. Additionally, eyebrows play a powerful role in everyday non-verbal communication as you can see in that 65% of the communication process is non-verbal and eyebrows are essential elements in 3 or more of the 7 listed on the pie chart.

The Future of Eyebrows

Male eyebrow extension one eye done Ellie Malmin

In my newest venture I am working with Dr. Alan Bauman of Bauman Medical Group. Dr. Bauman has developed a procedure for eyebrow implantation and he has asked me to design the eyebrows. I am making a stencil and blue print for the eyebrow implants. This is an entirely new field opening up. In the course Beyond Eyebrow Extensions I will teach you how to do the stenciling and blueprinting in order to work with surgeons that do eyebrow implants.

I want to thank you for your interest in eyebrows and invite you to contact me personally with any eyebrow questions at (561) 358-5999 or ellie@lashbrowmakeup-academy.com.

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