The Secret to Achieving the Best Lash, Brow, and Hair Designs

Correcting facial shapes for best lash, brow, and hair designs.

Ellie Malmin – Mother of Beauty     January 30, 2015


Correcting facial shapes with makeup tricks is a significant part of what I’ve learned from being in the beauty business for over 35 years. For makeup artists, training should always continue to develop when it comes to recognizing what shapes merit what methods when it comes to determining the best lash, brow, makeup, and hair designs. Using makeup tricks can correct, enhance, or even change the appearance of the various shapes on and around the face. I’d like to introduce to you some very valuable techniques.

Leveraging Design into a Desired Style

Now let’s talk about how we can take that knowledge and leverage it to design incredible styles. It’s all about the eyes… most of the time.  Can you design styles for the eyelashes just as you design styles for hair, a design that will make the most out of a client’s eyes?   In order not to take attention off the eyes,  we need to first know facial shapes and what hair design best brings out our client’s features,  leaving their eyes as an open canvas  to create the best lash line that opens and defines the eyes.  People can have various combinations of facial and eye shapes.

Here is one example of a method used for a common facial shape:

Round Shape Face Characteristics:
round Full cheeks, short forehead. No definite chin line.Hair Styles should be high with fullness on top. Hair at the nape should be cut short so it does not show from the back.  Hair should flow in soft curves and lines that frame the face.  Avoid flat tops, bangs or rounded styles or wearing hair straight back.


Ellie has tricks up her sleeve… just for you!

Sometimes I wish someone would have just given me an itemized list of tips so that I could have something to refer to rather than learn by trial and error. So that being said, I’ve developed a list that will eliminate that learning curve! I’d love for you to consider purchasing my E-Book on this topic for only $8.99, and it does come with a FREE bottle of Lashologist Choice Eyemakeup Remover, which sells for $22 retail cost! (link)

An example of some facial types included are:

  • Round Shaped Face
  • Oval Shaped face
  • Almond Eye Shape
  • Diamond Shaped Face
  • Oblong Shaped Face
  • …and many more!

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About the Author: Ellie Malmin is recognized as an industry leader in Eyelash, Eyebrow, and Makeup Training. With over 35 years in the beauty industry, she travels world-wide for speaking events and also to provide training for professionals. Ellie is co-owner of Anushka Spa Salon and Cosmedical Center in West Palm Beach, FL. and  co-owner of DS Competition Makeup.  She facilitates the innovative Ellie Malmin Lash, Brow, and Makeup Training Academy, which offer comprehensive training courses for licensed professionals. Ellie has also developed an exceptional online training program for anyone interested in learning her proven state-of-the-art techniques! Find out more information by going to On the website you can also find E-Educates, which are Ellie’s FREE RESOURCES that include her YouTube channel and her Blog.