Those in the lash and brow world know Ellie Malmin’s name is synonymous with customer service, education, and of course, beauty. So how did Ellie earn her status and reputation as “mother?”

Ellie Malmin

With more than three decades of experience in the industry, her technique and bedside manner have been honed to perfection. And what does an expert do when they’ve mastered their craft? They leave the industry better than they found it through mentorship and cultivating the talent of the future.

Ellie’s philosophy is twofold, sharing and invention. The notion of sharing is displayed through education and making available her many years of acquired knowledge. The growing trend of lash work means the field needs more skilled lashologists. Through her online videos and ebooks, Ellie is now able to reach more people and spread her knowledge to those entering the field.

professional training

Online training classes mean that Ellie can take students under her wing, virtually. And if you want to host your own class, she’ll fly to wherever you are and teach it. Learn how you can host a class with Ellie for free!

So how does invention come into play with Ellie’s work? Our Mother of Beauty is one of the innovators of lash and brow beauty and technology, stretching past the limits of what’s been done before and forging new ground. Through research and clinical trials, she’s helped establish protocols, training manuals, and best practices, forever bettering the industry and earning her the respect of her peers.

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