Ellie’s Experience and Expertise in Eyebrow Extensions

I started doing eyebrow extensions in 2007 and at that time the technical skills I had did not match the products that were available on the market. So I spent years developing best practices and technics. What I found was that a lot of companies were and are claiming that their adhesives last for three to six weeks and that information led into the time when lash extensions first came on the market. There the idea was that lash extension would last for three to four months or two to three months. We found out that was simply not true in either case.

 An In-depth and In-Person Eyebrow Extension Course

It is due in part to the inaccurate information and more that I am offering an in-depth in-person eyebrow extension course at the Arlington, TX Sheraton on Saturday, April 25th from 10am to 6pm.

Eyebrow Extension Course Objectives

In this course you are going to…

  • Learn valuable technical skills and best practices that I have discovered and developed over years in the beauty and particular to this course, the eyebrow extension industry.
  • I will teach you not only the application technics of eyebrow extensions, but also eyebrow formations as well as eyebrow drop-ins application.
  • We will cover the eyebrow structure, composition and everything that goes with learning how to craft the perfect brow.

Click here to learn more about this course or contact Ellie Malmin with Lash, Brow, and Makeup Academy at 561-358-5999 to reserve your seat. Also, the International Congress of Esthetics and Spa will be holding their conference in a nearby location the following Sunday and Monday, where Ellie will be featured as an Industry Leading Speaker on the topic of Eyebrow Extension.