Do It Yourself Eyebrow Extensions

Eyebrow Extensions

Have you noticed that everyone today wants the most beautiful, perfect eyebrows? I want to show you how to get that look in the privacy of your own home. That’s right; I’m going to show the technique to eyebrow extension application.

The Tools

Before we get started you’ll need to have these tools on hand:

In case you don’t have or know where to get the right eyebrow extension hairs or skin safe glue, I’ve provided that for you online which you can access through the two links directly above. The hair comes in neat little plastic display cases in one of five colors; black, dark, medium, or light (for blondes) brown or red and in 3 different lengths of .05 mm, .06 mm, and .07 mm. Each has 4 rows of each length and should last you about 6 to 7 individual applications.

The Technique

Start by taking a piece of double sides tape and placing it on the back of your hand. Next apply a small amount of the skin safe glue on one side of the tape. Then we’re going to pick one of the strips of hair from our eyebrow extension hair case. Place the strip of hair in the length you’ll be applying across the tape opposite your dab of skin safe glue. Now take your tweezers and remove a few hairs or single hairs from the strip. Then gently dab them on the hair application side in the dab of glue and place them on the brow.

You can apply them one at a time or multiple, whichever you prefer. Those applied in multiple can be simply dropped on the brow in the area of application where some will fall right into place and the ones you don’t like can be removed. The hair you’ve applied should last a couple of days and like I said before the container of hairs should last you around 6 to 7 applications.

In Closing

I want to thank you for your interest in DIY Eyebrows and invite you to contact me personally with any eyebrow extension questions at (561) 358-5999 or

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