How to Cover Up Tattoos with Airbrush Makeup: Step-by-Step


Ellie Malmin – Mother of Beauty – February 11, 2015

I had a friend who was going to a swim-suit modeling ask me to please help her cover her tattoos…

I thought this would be an excellent topic to cover. I used an airbrush gun to apply waterproof makeup to the tattooed skin area. These airbrush makeup guns can range in price from $100 to $800. The one I use is one from a company called Lasting Impressions and if you’d like to purchase one, you can reach them at (201) 871-7388. This specific gun is well-designed. You simply put the makeup in the permanently mounted color cup on top of the gun, pull the trigger, & apply the spray in a circular motion. To supplement this article, I’ve included a Youtube step-by-step tutorial along with it.



Airbrush Makeup Application Steps:

  1. Prepare the area – To start, you will want to shave or wax the area to remove all hair. Having a hair-free application area allows for a smoother process.
  1. Apply the 1st coat – Begin by mixing a very light pigment color, almost a white & begin to cover the tattoo. Apply one light coat at first & keep applying using a closer to the skin surface circular motion until the tattoo is well covered & almost no longer visible.
  1. Build & Blend the foundation color – Next you will build color with our foundation by blending into the natural skin tone. You will need to blend the foundation color to the skin area around the tattoo with a light further away from the skin surface application of the first pigment color. As you blend the area, you will need to gradually apply darker pigment colors; giving a seamlessly blended affect. This may take some time depending on the size & place of the tattoo.
  1. Waterproof makeup – The makeup is completely waterproof. This allows the individual to go swimming, dancing and the like without fear of the makeup coming off.

My friend was out in the sun all day, and natural she perspired. So we were able demonstrate the staying power of this makeup in that it is still covering the tattoo & blended. It does not come off even if you rub your hand over the area! There will also be no makeup residue on your hand. The waterproof makeup even stays on after soaking a cloth in nothing more than pure water. So you may be asking yourself how I will get this makeup off. Lashologist Choice Eye Makeup Remover will do the job!


Steps to Remove Tattoo Cover Up with Lashologist Choice Eyemakeup Remover

  1. Prepare & apply Lashologist Choice Eye Makeup Remover to the area. First, you will need to make sure the area is dry. Then apply Lashologist Choice Eye Makeup Remover to a clean cloth, tissue, cotton pad or ball & rub over the area. As you go over the area just a few times you will see that the waterproof makeup comes off easily.
  1. Why use Lashologist Choice Eye Makeup Remover The reason that the waterproof makeup comes off easily is that this remover was designed to remove all forms of waterproof eye makeup including waterproof eye liner, shadow & mascara yet still remain gentle enough especially on the sensitive eye area.
  1. Surprising facts about waterproof makeup removal You might be surprised to find out that even soap & water would not have taken this makeup off with the ease that the Lashologist Choice Eye Makeup Remover does & you would have had to scrub with soap & water, which would irritate the skin. This eye makeup remover is not going to leave behind an oil residue once it dries either. You can purchase Lashologist Choice Eye Makeup Remover HERE.

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